Pod4good Working to Make Our Region a More Vibrant Place!

Jesse Ulrich and Chris Miller are two lifelong friends who have a passion to make their home, city, and state stronger! This means they tackle the issues, share stories, investigate problems, and as they put it, “cheer the triumphs of the many hard-working individuals and their dynamic organizations!”

They sat down recently with our own unsung hero, Community Engagement and Education Manager, Dwayne Sheridan. “I had a fantastic time chatting with Jesse and Chris about the hope the Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma brings to our community. Their enthusiasm and compassion for people and non-profits were apparent from minute one,” according to Sheridan. “It’s a privilege to share with people, businesses, organizations, and schools the role the Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma plays in ending hunger in our community and to help normalize the need of giving and receiving help. We ALL need help sometimes.”

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