Behind every number is a family who needs your help.


of those who access food pantries are fully employed.

1 in 7

people in Oklahoma are food insecure.

1 in 11

Oklahoma seniors are food insecure.

Together, we can reduce food insecurity.

Every day in eastern Oklahoma, families must decide between paying rent and buying groceries. Children go to bed hungry. Seniors leave prescriptions unfilled so they can buy food.

It doesn’t have to be this way. There is enough food in our community for everyone. With the right resources, hunger is a problem we can solve together.

You can help a family in need.

When you volunteer with the Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma, you’re making a real difference in the lives of your neighbors. Whether you want to volunteer as an individual or with a group, we offer opportunities for everyone. As a volunteer, you’re supporting neighbors throughout the region and giving back to your community.

“My family is big…But if I had one wish for my family, it would be that we all have food to eat.”

— Zoey

Your donation helps feed hungry neighbors in eastern Oklahoma.

Help for our neighbors across Oklahoma.

Hunger does not discriminate.

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Neighborhood News

Hunger hides, but people go hungry every day. Find out how we’re serving neighbors in your community as we work together to end hunger in eastern Oklahoma.