What We Do

And how we do it

We have been feeding the families of Eastern Oklahoma since 1981. Since then, we have built lasting relationships with farmers, retailers, and other members of the community. We provide at least 4 meals for $1. The Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma distributes a lot of food. Last year, the Food Bank provided nearly 25 million meals to families throughout the 24 counties we serve. As we continue the fight against hunger in eastern Oklahoma, we will need to provide thousands more meals to meet the increased need.

Food is rescued or donated

Food is delivered to the Food Bank

Volunteers sort and package food

Food Bank distributes food to partner agencies, pantries and those in need

Food goes to waste at every stage of food production and distribution

from farmers to packers and shippers, from manufacturers to retailers to our homes. Nearly 40% of all food in America is wasted. The Food Bank partners with food manufacturers, grocery stores, restaurants, farmers, and our community to rescue food and deliver it to our feeding partners throughout eastern Oklahoma.

Where our food comes from

Rescued & Donated

Food is donated from local distributors, businesses, food drives, and farmers


The Food Bank uses its purchasing power to buy food at a low cost

Given through federal programs

The USDA provides food to the Food Bank

How Food Bank stretches your dollar

Food Bank makes the most of your donation because of our relationships with farmers and grocers.

$1 = 4 meals

Let’s say a single jar of peanut butter costs $5.46. You could spend that money on a single jar, or you could donate $5.46. With those funds, Food Bank can source 4 jars of peanut butter because of our nonprofit status and community relationships.

Food Bank leverages its relationships, bringing in more food per dollar than most nonprofits.

Who our food helps

Food is distributed through:

Agency Partners

To 600+ feeding partners throughout 24 counties in eastern Oklahoma

Community Distribution

The Food Bank offers a monthly distribution at their Tulsa location for neighbors in need

Rural outreach

The Food Bank provides food to Oklahoma families that live in food deserts

Food for kids

Food is distributed to thousands of kids through school pantries and programs

Direct service

Seniors, veterans and families are served through specialized direct service programs

Holiday distribution events

The Food Bank provides thousands of holiday meals each year for Oklahoma families in need

The Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma serves 24 counties throughout eastern Oklahoma.


Who we impact

Together, we are fighting hunger and feeding hope for thousands of our neighbors in need. Here’s what we provided from July 2021 to June 2022.


Pounds of Food Distributed


Neighbor Visits


Partner Agency Meals


Food For Kids Meals


Senior Program Meals


Veteran Program Meals


Mobile Pantry Meals


Drive-Through Meals


Farmers’ Market Meals


Culinary Meals




SNAP Applications


Volunteer Hours