Partner Agency Guidelines

FBEO Partner Agency Program Manual

FBEO Partner Badge

Partnership Recognition Guidelines

In order to allow the FBEO’s and the Partner Agencies’ brand and communication efforts to work together to build awareness and equity with communities throughout eastern Oklahoma, the Partner Agency should clearly communicate their partnership with FBEO, but not represent themselves as FBEO, when appropriate in media releases and material displays. Use of the FBEO logo and proprietary brand assets outside of the specifications below is not allowed unless a formal, written and signed Registered Partner Agency Agreement is in place.

The Partner Agency may use the FBEO logo only as specified within the official FBEO guidelines to co-brand their own marketing and communication materials. The FBEO logo must not be used in any way that implies an endorsement or responsibilities that do not exist. Up-to-date standards and guidelines are available at FBEO partners may identify itself as a partner of FBEO in the following ways:

  1. Website: The FBEO Partner Agency badge should be displayed on the homepage of the Partner Agency’s website “above the fold” (area the user can see without scrolling). FBEO partnership should be included in the “About Us” section or section(s) of website that describes Partner Agency’s services.
  2. Social Media: Partners should display “Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma Partner Agency” in description or bio areas of all public social media platforms.
  3. Public Facing Printed Materials: The FBEO Partner Agency badge should be included in all printed materials that is distributed to the public. FBEO partnership should be included in content that describes services.
  4. Lobby or Entrance: All partners should display a FBEO Partner Agency badge decal and/or sign in the entrance and/or within the lobby of their public-facing establishment.
  5. Media Coverage: The partnership with the FBEO shall be communicated in all news media appearances where coverage is focused on food distribution that has been provided by the FBEO.
  6. Service Content: The partnership with the FBEO shall be included in all communications where content is focused on food distribution that has been provided by FBEO.

Partner Agency Criteria

The Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma (FBEO) is actively accepting applications for new partner agencies. FBEO Teams will review the application for fit with best practices, providing a service in an area where no partner agencies operate or a new service is offered. Please review the below criteria before proceeding with an application.  

Criteria for Partnership: 

  • Organization must be a 501(c)3 or faith based organization 

  • Agency has been established in community for at least 1 year 

  • Agency has documented food assistance program for at least 3 months 

  • Agency is open for food distribution at least 2 times per month 

  • The food assistance program cannot be in a for-profit business or a private residence 

If you have questions about eligibility, process, or would like to receive a copy of the application, please fill out the form below: 

Agency Services Representatives

Mikayla Demaree

Director of Partner Services



Kristy Telford

Agency Services Help Desk



Cody Villanueva

Partner Services Manager



Aijan Taylor

Partner Services Coordinator (Northern Region)



Isaac Muly

Partner Services Coordinator
(Central Region)