100,000 meals served for Thanksgiving

One hundred thousand people received food for Thanksgiving thanks to the Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma.

Dana Maker is one of thousands who went through the drive-thru at the Osage Casino to pick up a Thanksgiving meal.

“I am excited, this is great. I appreciate it,” said Maker. “More than you all know!”

“I appreciate the community doing this,” said Tamie Sunagoowie, who also went through the drive-thru.

The food was welcomed because inflation has made everything more expensive this year, including Thanksgiving.

“You know, Thanksgiving is a very special time of year,” said Calvin Moore, the President and CEO of the Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma. “There are particular challenges given families, this particular year because of inflation, because of price increases. A lot of people are making choices between buying food and medicine, and the food bank is here. Not only to offer food, but to offer hope, and to say, ‘Hey listen, we’re here for you. You’re a part of the community.'”

Moore hopes everyone will take time out to do something to help others this holiday season.

“I hope folks walk away knowing that number one, the problem in Oklahoma of food insecurity and hunger is huge, and even though we don’t see it all the time, people are suffering in silence, but we can do something about it,” said Moore.

Sunagoowie said she is excited to spend time with family and is happy to be able to enjoy a nice meal.

“It means a lot, we’ve lost so many family members over this last year, that we’re thankful to come together, to be able to come together this year,” said Sunagoowie.