$100,000 grant from Google to help deliver 480,000 pounds of food to Oklahomans

A $100,000 Google data center community grant is helping the Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma address food insecurity across our 24 counties this summer! “Food insecurity continues to impact over half a million Oklahomans each year,” said Calvin Moore, President and CEO of the Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma. “With Google’s contribution, we can make a significant and immediate difference in the lives of families and individuals in need. We are full of gratitude for Google’s support. They’re a valuable partner in our mission to fight hunger and provide for our community.” The grant will cover operational costs to deliver 480,000 pounds of fresh produce, bakery goods, high-quality meats and proteins, and other nutritious foods to more than 183,000 Oklahomans this year.

Google has seen the need reflected in Google Search Trends on a national and local level in Oklahoma. In 2022, Google searches for “Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma” increased by 5,000% in Oklahoma. Overall, Oklahoma was the fifth top state searching for “food shortage” in 2022. Additionally, Oklahomans searching for “where to donate food near me” increased by 770% over the past five years. Google has called Oklahoma home for more than a decade with a data center in Mayes County. Through grants and local initiatives that utilize Google’s tools and expertise, Google is working to help businesses, educational institutions, community collaboratives, nonprofits, and individuals create and thrive in a sustainable, knowledge-based economy. Since 2011, Google has donated over $5 million total in charitable giving dollars to nonprofits and schools in Oklahoma.

“We recognize and support the great work our local food banks are doing as they strive to eradicate hunger here in Oklahoma,” said Kate Franko, Head of Data Center Community Affairs in Oklahoma. “Research shows how consistent nutritious food improves health, lowers emotional distress, and boosts learning and growth in children. Over the last decade, Google has invested in Oklahoma through donations and partnerships with dozens of schools and nonprofits to help our neighboring communities thrive.”

One in six Oklahomans are facing hunger. The Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma works with partners like Google, community groups, and farmers to provide eastern Oklahoma with access to food they need. Through expanding services and quadrupling the amount of distributed food, they can provide food and support to those in need.

Learn more about Google in Oklahoma at: economicimpact.google/state/ok/. To find help or provide help for people in need and learn more about the Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma, visit okfoodbank.org.