Agency Express Information

About Agency Express

Agency Express is the online ordering system that partner agencies use to submit all food orders. Orders may be placed at any time during the ordering window. Ordering is restricted to authorized agency shoppers that are listed with the Food Bank. To become an authorized agency shopper, your agency must contact your Agency Services Representative.

Agency Express Training

Prior to placing an order, new shoppers must review the Agency Express Training Videos. Upon completion of the training, authorized shoppers will receive login credentials that can be used to access the Agency Express site. Below, we have a training for both completing monthly reports and placing an order. Please view the videos and browse the Agency Express Instruction Guide for training or a refresher.

Monthly Reports

Ordering Product

Shopping Room Tutorial (Spanish)

Agency Express FAQ & Troubleshooting

You may not be an authorized Agency Express user or your Agency Express account was deactivated because you were not listed on the most recent Shopper Authorization Form submitted by your agency. Most users who experience login difficulty enter their Program Code incorrectly. The Program Code is “0092p” followed by your Agency ID number “#####-##”.
You must schedule a pick-up or delivery date from the “Scheduler” page before you start adding to your shopping cart. Then, the date you scheduled on that page will be the only date you can choose at the Checkout page.
The most likely possibility is that you did not click “Add to Cart” before going to the next page of the order list. If you do not click “Add to Cart” before you move to the next page, Agency Express clears the quantities you entered. Another possibility is that you entered a quantity that exceeds the case limit we have set for that item. Agency Express will not add an item to your shopping cart if your request exceeds the set limit.
If you placed your order during normal Food Bank hours, then your order status should change to ‘Acknowledged’ within 30 minutes or so. If it takes longer, please notify the Food Bank because the system may be blocking orders from coming through and we do not know about it until someone notifies us.
There could be a few reasons for this. The simplest answer is that our inventory count was off and after making the adjustment in our system we had to reduce the amount of product on your order.
When your order reaches the ‘Acknowledged’ status, the quantities you have been approved for are reserved for you in our system. However, when you edit an order that has already been ‘Acknowledged’ it releases those items back into our system for everyone else to access. If another agency requests the same item you had been approved for, but the other agency submits their order before you resubmit your order, you could lose that product. Only edit an order if you already know what you would like to add and you can resubmit the order quickly.
Agencies may only have two open orders at one time. An open order is an order that has been submitted and is scheduled for pick-up but has not been picked up yet. Your agency will have to pick up one of its open orders before you are able to place another order.

Agency Express is also the system used by agencies to submit monthly reports detailing the previous months’ distributions.

All Partner Agencies except users of Service Insights must submit their reports by the 5th of each month for the previous month’s distribution.

Partner Services Representatives

Mikayla Demaree

Director of Partner Services



Kristy Telford

Partner Services Help Desk



Cody Villanueva

Partner Services Manager



Aijan Taylor

Partner Services Coordinator (Northern Region)



Isaac Muly

Partner Services Coordinator
(Central Region)