Together, let’s end hunger in Oklahoma.

Behind every number is a family who needs your help. Make a real difference in the lives of your neighbors in need.

1 in 7

Oklahomans experience hunger  daily.

1 in 10

Oklahoma seniors is food insecure.

1 in 5

kids in Oklahoma struggle daily with hunger.

Turning hunger into hope.

How we feed thousands of families in need each year.

Step 1 – Relationships

We started feeding the families of eastern Oklahoma more than four decades ago. Since then, we have built lasting relationships with farmers, retailers, and other members of our community. We provide at least 4 meals per $1 donated. With Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma, your donation goes further this holiday season.

Step 2 – Nutritious Meals

We pride ourselves on being able to donate a healthy mix of shelf-stable groceries, fresh produce, and hot meals to insecure families in eastern Oklahoma. We source and deliver 2.7 million pounds of food every month to the most vulnerable populations in our area.

Step 3 – Distribution

We serve 24 counties across eastern Oklahoma, providing food to more than 600 food pantries and meal programs in the region. Eastern Oklahoma will soon have the nation’s high rate of food-insecure children. The 25+ million pounds of food we distribute annually is a necessity to end hunger.

Together, we can make an impact.

Every day in eastern Oklahoma, families must decide between paying rent and buying groceries. Children go to bed hungry. Seniors leave prescriptions unfilled so they can buy food.

It doesn’t have to be this way. There is enough food in our community for everyone. With the right resources, hunger is a problem we can solve together.

Help your neighbors.

“My family is big…But if I had one wish for my family, it would be that we all have food to eat.”

— Zoey

Hunger does not discriminate.

Who does the Food Bank help?

Families in need

60% of Oklahomans live paycheck to paycheck. While more than 50% of families who depend on the Food Bank are fully employed, our services provide much needed relief to parents struggling to choose between keeping the lights on and putting food on the table.

Children facing hunger

One in five kids in Oklahoma struggles daily with hunger, as we are the nation’s fifth most food-insecure state. The impact of a meal goes well beyond feeding bodies. When kids are fed, their hearts and futures are nourished. Every child deserves to experience the joy of the holiday season.


Food insecurity is a major concern for people over the age of 65 in eastern Oklahoma. Around 10% of seniors face hunger. Our Serving Seniors program delivers meals and groceries directly to those
in need.

Create lasting change, one meal at a time.