Women's Council

Last year, the Food Bank distributed over 28 million pounds of food to those in need. This is equivalent to providing 450,000 meals each week to families, veterans, seniors and children. Yet, we still have more work to do, and people to feed.

The women who support our efforts are amazing. They include extraordinary community leaders, exceptional corporate citizens, innovative entrepreneurs and fierce family champions. I firmly believe that if we can marshall this collective passion and ingenuity, we can significantly improve the lives of so many.

The purpose of the Women’s Council will be to take an active role in the mission and work of the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma. The Women’s Council will support the Food Bank by contributing efforts, ideas and financial support. They will help us educate and advocate on behalf of the hungry.

I hope you will choose to join our Women’s Council, Harvesters of Hope. Our collective impact will be significant, and will help us bring to reality the Food Bank’s vision of “Food Security with dignity, for all eastern Oklahomans.”

Thank you, in advance, for your help!
Eileen Ryan Brashaw
Executive Director

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Thank You to our Women's Council Members:

Debbie Aloisio | Joanie Altendorf | Stacy Boyd | Elise D. Brennan | Kim Brilz | Carey Cole | Rochelle Dowdell | Angie Gottron | Lisa Hair | Jeanne Hayes | Leanne Helmerich | Kathy A. LaFortune | Katie Maguire | Laura R. Mantooth | Olivia Martin | Tricia McDonald | Mercedes L. Millberry-Fowler | Kathy R. Neal | Liz O'Conner | Gigi Parker | Mary Ray | Laura Smolen | Sharon T. Starrett | Nicole Watts | Cathy Wilkie | Lauren Zeligson | Megan Zetik


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or contact Rochelle Dowdell at rdowdell@okfoodbank.org or call call 918-936-4508.