About the Program

The Retail Store Donation Program helps secure perishable and non-perishable food items from retail stores across the Food Bank’s service area.

By working with grocery stores and other food retailers in our community, we are able to ensure healthy food isn’t wasted.

These food items may include discontinued items, product samples, perishable product beyond retail sales that will not affect safe consumption, cosmetic or production errors and more.

Our Retail Store Donation Coordinator works one-on-one with store managers and staff to educate on the benefits of donating excess food to the Food Bank and how to properly store, save and donate to the Food Bank.

Retail Store Donation Program Van

Thanks to the generosity of the Walmart Foundation, the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma recently received a grant to purchase a new Ford Transit Connect van, complete with branding for our Retail Store Donation Program.


By owning a fuel efficient van, the Retail Store Donation Program coordinator now has a reliable vehicle to visit retail stores throughout eastern Oklahoma and build relationships to increase donations to the Food Bank. The van has the loading capacity to pick up smaller food donations while saving the Food Bank mileage reimbursement expenses.

“Having the Retail Store Donation Program van has put me at ease,” Teressia Kehr, Retail Store Donation Coordinator said. “Since the van is dedicated to the program, it’s now possible for me to reach all corners of our service area at a moment’s notice.”

Walmart-Van-001Since the van’s arrival, Teressia has traveled to all 24 counties in the Food Bank’s service area to speak with store managers at grocery stores about donating their excess food to the Food Bank. Over the course of six months, more than 10,000 miles have been traveled in the Retail Store Donation Program’s van.

The Food Bank is proud to have the support of the Walmart Foundation and area Walmart stores in our service area in eastern Oklahoma. In addition to the vehicle grant, the Retail Store Donation Program, with the help of the Walmart Foundation, has helped the Food Bank secure more than 11 million meals over the last year for hungry eastern Oklahomans.

For more information about our Retail Store Donation Program, contact Willa Steelman at wsteelman@okfoodbank.org or 918-936-4516.