The Food Bank has opened a new location…on four wheels. In November 2013, the Food Bank launched the newest way to fight hunger in eastern Oklahoma: the Mobile Eatery food truck.

Thanks to the generosity of donors Allison and John Greene an131125-FA-Tulsa-0879d the Carol Tandy Foundation, the Food Bank will be able to reach more people in eastern Oklahoma than ever before. The Mobile Eatery focuses on summer feeding for children, providing meals during food pantry distributions, serving at senior centers and raising funds through events to give back to the Food Bank’s programs.

The end of the school year often means the end of access to regular, nutritious meals for many children across eastern Oklahoma. The challenge summer and extended school breaks brings to families struggling to fill the gap between child hunger and family budgets is why Carol Tandy got involved.

“Because the backpack program relies upon school being in session, meals and snacks were unable to be delivered to the area’s neediest and most vulnerable children during extended school recesses and summer vacation,” Carol Tandy said.

By bringing the truck to low-income communities, the Mobile Eatery will provide healthy meals and snacks to the one in four children at risk of going hungry in Oklahoma; however, the food truck will offer more than just summer meals.

The Mobile Eatery is already traveling across the service area serving the hungry, recently providing soup and hot drinks from the food truck for those waiting to receive Thanksgiving meal kits.

“After bouncing the idea of a food truck off community leaders, the knowledge, experience and volunteer base of the Food Bank made them the perfect landing spot for this idea,” Allison Greene said.

Unlike brick-and-mortar programs, the Mobile Eatery has the ability to easily serve several locations in a matter of hours and has found a permanent place in the Food Bank family.

Click here to view photos of the Mobile Eatery at work.