Another First-in-the-Nation for the Food Bank


Photo Courtesy of the Tulsa World

Hunger relief organizations historically rely on shelf-stable food donations, however, fresh produce is also required to imbue good health, especially for children during critical developmental years. The Food Bank’s two Growtainers go a long way in the effort to implement a healthy foods initiative, the Produce Project. The Produce Project is designed to distribute fresher, healthier foods to the hungry in our community.

Thanks to a grant from Morningcrest Healthcare Foundation, the Food Bank was able to debut a 21st Century method to grow and provide fresh produce. The two modular hydroponic  growing systems became operational in April of 2017. These engineered shipping containers maintain the perfect controlled environment for the year-round growing of produce.

As the first food bank in the nation to have a container hydroponic garden, our urban farm in a food desert provides highly perishable lettuce to families who often can’t afford to take a risk with scarce resource by purchasing food that may not last till consumption. The ability to have a regular source of fresh produce all year is one of the greatest advantages the Food Bank can provide for the people we serve.

With the ability to grow produce on the Food Bank’s grounds, the Food Bank will maintain a steady source of fragile produce, lower its environmental footprint, decrease shipping costs, and retain more resources to provide additional food where it is needed.

Give us a call if you would like to help in the Growtainer at 918-858-2800.

Click here to watch a segment on the Growtainers courtesy of KTUL TV in Tulsa.