The Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation Culinary Trade Program offers a fresh start to low-income individuals, providing them with 16 weeks of culinary training in the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma’s Culinary Center. Through the program, students assist with all facets of the Food Bank’s culinary services, including converting fresh produce and other perishable foods into healthy frozen meals, preparing meals to be distributed from the Mobile Eatery and assisting with catering events.

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While the Culinary Trade students are training for a new career, every moment of their time in the kitchen is spent preparing meals for hungry Oklahomans. It’s their goal to produce, on average, more than 1,000 meals a week. These meals are then distributed through the Food Bank’s various programs.


What do Culinary Trade students earn during the program?

• 16 weeks professional training—students learn advanced culinary techniques, nutrition, Culinary Trade_website2discipline and professionalism in the workplace.
• Food Safety Manager Certificate—this confirms to prospective employers these individuals are experts in food safety.
• Job placement—the Food Bank assists with finding full-time employment for Culinary Trade students.
• A chef’s starter kit—each student receives three sets of chef uniforms and a professional-grade knife kit upon graduation from the program.

What is included in the curriculum?
• Knife skills—how to hold & properly cut, sharpening of the knifes
• Cooking methods—braising, poaching, sauté, grill, frying, roasting
• Preparation of mother sauces—including béchamel, velouté, fumet, espagnol and tomato sauce
• Garmage—food presentation
• Handling food—temperature, cooling down, reheating and temperature control
• Packaging of food
• Meat fabrication
• Stocks—chicken and beef
• Banquets—catering, setting up and managing a buffet
• Menu writing—writing a menu for a formal dinner
• Ordering food and inventory control—checking in food, labeling and dating, FIFO method
• Waste management
• Writing and reading recipes
• Learning measurements/weights
• Resume writing and interview training

To apply for the Culinary Trade Program, download the application (PDF, Word), drop it off at the Food Bank or mail to:
Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma
Attn: Culinary Trade Program
1304 N. Kenosha Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74106

For more information about this program, contact John McCarthy at or 918-936-4505.