Food for Kids Partner Backpack Program FAQs

What is the Food for Kids Backpack Program?
It is a program which provides weekly backpacks of shelf-stable food during the school year to feed school aged children at risk of hunger on weekends, when school meals are not available.

What is your role as a sponsoring program?
All food is provided free to the schools and to the students identified to participate in the program. Congregations and non-profit organizations sponsor the program in their communities and thus provide the financial and volunteer support for it. As the program sponsor, your organization will oversee the development and running of a Backpack Program in your community.

What is the role of the Food Bank?
We will walk you through the application process to become a Food Bank member agency. Once that process has been completed, you will have access to food through our warehouse at less than retail cost. The application process will include an orientation with resources, guidelines on how to start your local program, and answers to your questions. And, at any time, we are available for ongoing support.

What is the cost of a Backpack Program?
The cost per student of your program will depend upon several factors – i.e. the amount of donations you receive or the amount of food you purchase locally. The following can be used as a guideline until your program has been operational and you can better determine your actual cost: $130-$145 per child per school year (40 weeks of school).

How much food should we provide?
The backpacks should contain enough food for the identified student to consume on Saturday and Sunday. It is not necessary to provide 7 full meals. Since this program is for the child the quantity should be what is sufficient for the child over the weekend.

To whom should the backpacks of food be distributed?
Backpacks are meant to be distributed only to students identified as chronically hungry on weekends. Further criteria will be provided during the application process.

What kind of food should be included in the backpack?
Only shelf-stable foods (not requiring refrigeration) should be distributed with the exception of fresh fruit. We recommend 10 — 12 items per sack and should include all food groups including such items as pop-top meat/entrées, fruit, juice, sunflower seeds, and cereal products. All these items are available through the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma. Sugary and snack foods should be kept to a minimum.

Does your program need to be in operation prior to submission of your application to the Food Bank?
No. We will provide you with the guidance to start from scratch. Your community provides the desire and drive to establish this program and we will assist you in this endeavor.

How can we use the name Food for Kids?
The name Food for Kids is a trademarked name. As a partner program of the Food Bank, you are permitted to use the name and logo if you wish. Use of the name and/or logo by any other group is not permitted.