Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate?

This challenge is designed for anyone and everyone! You can even encourage family members to join you to help you achieve your goal.

How do I complete the challenge?

You can complete your challenge however you wish. And you can cover your miles when, where, and whatever way that works for you! You can switch it up between biking, running, and walking. As long as you are moving, you are on your way to meeting your goal!

When can I start?

After you register, you can start any day at any time!

How do you track our progress?

This challenge relies on the honor system. However, we encourage you to send pictures of your watch, phone screen, treadmill, etc. to show your progress.

Will you publicize my challenge?

We love to publicize the accomplishments of our donors, so please send us pictures of you walking, running, or biking as you complete your goal. Tag us on Facebook or Instagram (@okfoodbank) so that we can see your posts and cheer you on!