Race Against Hunger

Challenge yourself to walk, bike, or run while raising money for the Food Bank! You choose when, where, and how many miles.
These challenges are designed to motivate you to move more while helping provide meals to those struggling with food insecurity.




The process is simple:
  1. Register your walk, bike, or run challenge. Do what you want to do, when you want to do it, from wherever you are.
  2. Track your progress by emailing us.
  3. Donate and/or raise money. Set up your own donation page here and share with family and friends. Facebook fundraisers are another great way to ask for support while showing your friends and family the goal you have set for yourself! We also have an online donation page where your supporters can simply fill in your name to contribute to your challenge.

For more information contact Haley Kardokus, Events Manager, at 918-936-4544.