Philbrook Partnership Brings in the Green

The Food Bank is pleased to announce the renewal of the collaboration with Philbrook’s Edible Garden Project. This rekindled partnership will help provide even more fresh food to the Produce Project. Last year, over 31 percent of the Food Bank’s distribution was fresh produce. This year is currently on track to shatter that record.
People struggling with hunger often fill their need for calories with low-cost, high-glycemic items, such as fast food. The nutrition that fresh produce provides is required for good health, especially for children during critical developmental years.
When Philbrook’s new director Scott Stulen arrived at the museum less than a year ago, he immediately wanted to revamp and revise the museum’s Edible Garden Project. The program began in the aftermath of the 2008 economic recession. Philbrook began planting food, filling critical space, saving funds in a tough time, and yielding thousands of pounds of produce for the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma. The early years of the program yielded over two tons of fresh produce.
In early spring of this year, the Philbrook Garden Crew led by Garden Manager Sheila Kanotz, philbrook-teaching-garden-3broke ground on a new edible garden in an unused portion of grounds, utilizing an aesthetically pleasing concentric circle design. With hundreds of pounds already harvested, the future is bright for this vital, impactful, and creative collaboration.
For anyone with an interest in gardening and harvesting whether at the Philbrook edible garden, the Food Bank’s outdoor garden, or the new Growtainers, we would love to have your sure hands. Contact Teressia Kehr at 918-936-4512 or