Pathways: Smile, Look Up, Be Nice!


Pathways is a program dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for adults with intellectual disabilities. On a regular basis you might find their clients volunteering in order to help feed hungry neighbors. This opportunity provides clients of Pathways interesting ways to get out into the community, socialize and most importantly they are able to make a significant contribution to their community.

Recently while walking down the hall of the Food Bank, our Volunteer Coordinator heard one of the clients walking down the hall with her head down and repeating to herself, “Smile, look up, be nice. Smile, look up, be nice.” As they were about to pass each other, the Pathways volunteer looked up, made eye contact, smiled and said, “Hello.” They both continued walking, and each continued to smile as they went about their day. Success!

During calendar year 2017, Pathways volunteers worked 1,005 hours at the Food Bank. Thank you Pathways.

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