For Sheryl, the future is now. She worked for 32 years as a Head Start teacher, giving of herself so the next generation would be prepared to meet their future with a strong foundation. Now she has difficulty providing enough food to support her health. “I never would have needed the assistance except my situation changed when my husband died a few years ago, I lost his income and was left with just my own.” Now Sheryl lives with her teenage grandson and even with just the two of them it is difficult to make ends meet. “With the bills and everything, I always found myself coming up short on food.”

Now Sheryl receives help from a Partner Agency in Nowata. “At first I was resistant, because I have a lot of pride. But there is no stigma here. I am just like everybody else. I really think it’s a great program for people who every once in a while fall into that place where they don’t want to be, and they just need some help. We are always treated with compassion and dignity.”

Sheryl describes how the pantry has been a real blessing for her. “With the food we get, it is just enough for me to stretch it through the month. We live better, we really do, because we have more food. It’s one of the things that has taken a lot of stress out of my life.”

Sheryl expressed her gratitude for the Food Bank. “I am very thankful and don’t take their help for granted. They are really here to help us.” Without you, there is no Food Bank. On behalf of Sheryl and others like her in eastern Oklahoma, thank you.