Lynn and John had been sleeping on their couches. They sold their bed and furnishings to help pay for living expenses. As a result of an unsuccessful back surgery several years ago, Lynn spends most of her time bed ridden. She had anticipated returning to work after surgery, but that didn’t happen and her health has continued to deteriorate.

Lynn worked for 42 years as an office worker and manager for two dentists. She liked working and together, she and John were self-sufficient. John was a barber and cosmologist for 52 years, he also cut lawns on the side. He continued to work and commute from Sallisaw to Tulsa for years, until Lynn’s health complications, as well as his own, prohibited continued work.

Lynn and John used up their savings on living and medical expenses. When things got so desperate they finally had to ask for help Lynn said, “We hated to ask. We didn’t have any food and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.”

Now Lynn and John rely on help from Catholic Charities in Sallisaw, one of the Food Bank’s Partner Programs, where they participate in the Senior Servings program. Lynn went on to say, “We wouldn’t have any milk or meat if it wasn’t for the food Catholic Charities gets from the Food Bank.”

Lynn and John waited until the last minute for help. Lynn’s advice for anyone in a similar situation is simple, “Don’t ever be ashamed to ask, and always give thanks when you receive. I give thanks to those who have provided for me.”

If you would like to help seniors like Lynn and John please consider making a gift and select Senior Servings.