“I met and married my American husband in Germany, and we moved to Tulsa, my husband’s home town. I never worked, but was able to learn English. Although we weren’t rich, we always managed just fine.” When Evelyn’s husband died unexpectedly at the age of 59, she was terrified to learn there were no resources set aside for her as she had believed.

I now get a little assistance with “food stamps,” (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, SNAP) but I wouldn’t be able to eat very well if it weren’t for the help from the food pantry at the South Tulsa Community House and the extra I get through the Senior Servings program (click to learn more about Senior Servings from the Food Bank).

This is Evelyn’s story. Originally from Austria, she is a client of the South Tulsa Community House, one of the Food Bank’s Partner Programs.

The South Tulsa Community House gets an average of 73% of the food they distribute to families from their Food Bank partnership. They pick up 18% of the food at the Food Bank’s warehouse.  The remaining food is picked up directly from donating stores such as Wal-Mart, Subway, Warehouse Market, and Whole Foods. The Food Bank arranges these donations and provides training, thermometers and freezer blankets to insure safe food handling. The South Tulsa Community House then picks up directly from stores, getting the food even more quickly to the tables of those who need it most.

One out of every six seniors is at risk for food insecurity and often must make choices between purchasing medicine and food. With your help, the Food Bank served more than 273,605 meals in the last fiscal year through our Senior Servings program. To make a donation and help with programs like Senior Servings click here.