Hunger Stories: Rina’s Superhero

Don’t Let Our Superheroes Go Hungry. They need After School Fuel.

After leaving a traumatic relationship and starting over with her young son Joe, Rina worries about her job and her future in this economy. Getting back on her feet, she is making ends meet, but she has trouble with extras like transportation and clothes. “Right now I’m afraid. I have to pay my rent and that’s important. I have to make sure that Joe has a roof over his head. I just wish I could live better off my job.”

Joe takes part in a new Food for Kids program, After School Fuel. The Food Bank has several partners such as the YMCA of Tulsa’s Go Program, that offer after-school programs with safe activities, enrichment, and a meal provided by the Food Bank.

Rina volunteers at her son’s program, helping the kids receive their food, keeping them focused, and directing them in the clean-up process. “When I see all these children here and they’re actually eating and they’re hungry, it makes a difference. There are a lot of parents who can’t get home and give their children a nutritional meal.”

For Rina and her son, After School Fuel is making a positive difference in their lives. “While he is in the program, I know he is getting a balanced meal. He comes home, and is full and happy. I can spend that time at home teaching him and helping him with his reading and getting him ready for bed.”

Reflecting on the Food Bank supporters who helped make the food possible Rina said, “We know that a lot of children are going home and not eating. Come out and see the children. Come see how they eat, they’re hungry. Please don’t stop.”

On behalf of all the children in Food for Kids programming, thank you.

More about After School Fuel

For many children who receive breakfast and lunch at school, they still may experience food shortages at home in the evenings. A new addition to Food for Kids programming now helps fill the void.

The After School Fuel program operates as a partnership between the Food Bank, community organizations, and the federal Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). Currently, this partnership includes providing hot meals to the YMCA of Greater Tulsa’s Go Program operating at Sequoyah, Eugene Field and McClure elementary schools. In addition, Super Snack meals (nutritious shelf-stable meals) are provided to children at five additional school sites through organizations that provide after school programming. These include Tulsa Debate League, Youth at Heart, and Tulsa Changemakers, an extension of Leadership Tulsa.

Food for Kids strives to make sure children have their nutritional needs met in order to achieve the same level of success as their peers. The consequences of children who do not have the tools for success means we all will pay a “hunger tax.” The hunger tax is the cost of providing additional support in terms of managing poor health outcomes and the need of additional social services resulting from poor nutrition. Feeding children now is much less costly. Thanks for your support of Food for Kids programming and your commitment to children in eastern Oklahoma.

Follow this link if you would like to provide additional support to Food for Kids programming.
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