Hunger Stories: Mobile Eatery Brings Summer Smiles

Summer Is Stressful for Too Many Children

This year the Food Bank is hosting 72 summer feeding sites across eastern Oklahoma through a variety of programs. There is nothing like the sight of children’s excitement when they see the Mobile Eatery rolling into place. Click here for more information about our Summer Feeding Program.

If you would like to help make this a Hunger-Free Summer by donating, please click here.

After a move from Osage County uprooted the household, Emma and her two younger brothers now live in the Bradford Apartments in Tulsa. Their family relies on the social security income from their mother and food is limited.

The family just learned about the Summer Food Program at their apartments and were thrilled to receive lunches from the Mobile Eatery food truck. With an unreliable source of support from the boys’ father Emma said, “He never sends any money, so we just have to make it work.” When asked how the food will help, Emma replied with a knowing smile, “My brothers gotta eat, so this food will really help.”

Cierra likes to take her three small children to area parks to play, “As long as we’re together, we’re having fun.” At home she also has three sisters and her mom living with them. That’s a lot of mouths to feed. Cierra is grateful to have the summer meals from the Mobile Eatery so her children and younger sisters have nutritious food for the summer.

J.J., his wife McKenzie, and their two young daughters recently moved to Edenwood Apartments. They just learned about, and are grateful for the Mobile Eatery food truck that arrives daily in their complex. J.J. describes his daughters’ reaction to the food truck, “They love it. They love coming out to get the food. Just getting the chance to come outside, have interactions with all the other kids, and have a little fun before they go in and take a nap is great.” J.J. appreciates the dedication and generosity of the Food Bank community who makes the meals happen. “We really look forward to your service out here.”

Thanks to the supporters of Food for Kids programming, Emma, Cierra, J.J., and their families will have a greater opportunity to get outside, meet some of their neighbors, and most importantly, have a Hunger-Free Summer.