Advocate for Oklahoma's Hungry

It takes more than food to fight hunger. Help us raise awareness about the reality of hunger in Oklahoma and advocate for legislation that addresses the many factors that contribute to food insecurity. Together, we can make a difference.


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Here are a few practical tips on how to advocate more effectively from State Representative Trish Ranson of Stillwater.

Get to Know Our Legislators

The Oklahoma legislative session is underway. Get to know your legislators and civic leaders at the state, local, and federal level! Fighting hunger includes getting to know those who influence food security policy decisions. Our lawmakers make decisions over the programs that help our clients as well as the funding or policies for our work. It’s up to us advocate so that our decisionmakers will make food security a priority.

Visit to find out who represents you. Call or email them to schedule a coffee, virtual chat, or socially distant meeting. Get to know them and talk about the issue of hunger in our state and advocate for the needs of vulnerable Oklahomans. If you need help on what to say or how to schedule the meeting, contact Bailey Perkins, our State Advocacy and Public Policy Director, she will be glad to assist you.

SNAP Matters

SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) is America' first line of defense against hunger and your Senators and Member of Congress need to hear from you. Yes, they need to hear from YOU. SNAP will help the 2 out of 3 children, seniors, or those with disabilites who receive SNAP. SNAP will support the Oklahoma economy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Increasing SNAP will relieve pressure faced by charitable organizations helping our community get through this situation. Click Here for more information, as well as ways to contact your legislators.

Here is an OpEd written by Chris Bernard of Hunger Free Oklahoma. The piece was printed in the Tulsa World and takes another look at SNAP, how it helps people facing hunger and how it benefits the community at large.

Learning Opportunities from Feeding America

Please read: 5 Myths Regarding Hunger and Talk to Your Children about hunger.

CLICK HERE for Feeding America's advocacy page.

Current Issues of Concern:

Please take a moment to review these documents on priority issues. Educated advocates speak well on hunger-related topics. Then,  please contact your representatives. Your voice can make a difference, we all must speak out.

Here's a post from Feeding America on the impact on food security across the states from COVID-19.

The Oklahoma Food Banks support proposed bipartisan legislation to expand the Universal Charitable Deduction. This bill can help make charitable gifts deductible for more Americans. The result will provide charitable organizations additional funding to better engage in the public/private partnership designed to lift up the people that need our help. Here are other Oklahoma organizations that support the legislation.

Here's a letter  signed-on by the Oklahoma Food Banks written to the Oklahoma delegation in Washington regarding how we can utilize meaningful legislation to help minimize the impact of COVID-19 on children.

Here are letters to Senator Lankford and Senator Inhoff asking for them to support upcoming bills that will prioritize people facing food insecurity and hunger.


Feeding Across the Aisle

Feeding Across the Aisle is a volunteer session hosted at the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma (Tulsa) and Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma (Oklahoma City). Feeding Across the Aisle aims to demonstrate the bi-partisan efforts at the local, state and federal level to fight hunger.

2021 Policy and Advocacy Priorities

Community Food Bank of Oklahoma and Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma monitor and inform the public about hunger related policy and legislative opportunities at the state and federal level. The Oklahoma food banks develop an annual advocacy and policy priorities to present to our federal and state legislators.

Anti-Hunger Day

Anti-Hunger Day 2020 was a success. Advocates from across the state came together to talk with state legislators about the issue of hunger in Oklahoma, and to encourage policy decisions that address the many factors that contribute to food insecurity.

Below is a video from Anti-Hunger Day 2020. Click here to view a photo album from the day.


Feeding America Advocates



It takes more than food to fight hunger. For information on the issue of national hunger, please visit the Feeding America website at

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For information or assistance on current advocacy efforts in Oklahoma please contact
Bailey Perkins, our State Advocacy and Public Policy Director, at 918-936-4573.