For the price of one coffee a month, you can join the Friends of the Food Bank!

The Friends of the Food Bank are a group of young professionals dedicated to building a community of CFBEO supporters. They volunteer, provide financial support and also raise awareness about hunger within their social and professional networks. Members are expected to help with the planning and execution of a fundraising event, join one of the young professional board's committees, recruit new members and make a minimum $60 per year or $5 per month donation. That's equal to one coffee a month!

Board Members:

Lucie Doll | Conner Carroll | Dustin Cates | Maggie Cates | Andy Dunn | Jack Dowdell | Quinn Cooper Eves | Erin Fischer | Mark Hayes | Bryon Helm | Jennifer Hua | Michael Johns | Kristen Keene | Jenna Murray | Holt Pagano | Stephanie Payne | Rob Phillips | Kate Wallace

Friends of the Food Bank:

Aaron Bean | Adam Berman | Alex McCormick | Alfred Pagano | Alisha Stacy | Audrey E. Schnelle | Ben Brown | Britta Hofmeister | Clara Ard | Cody Brewer | Connor Fullenwider | Dennis Mask | Eric and Adrienne Driscoll | Erin Edmiston | Gabe Dowdell | Hannah Galfetti | Hilary Parker | Jessica England | Jim Nellikunnel | Joe Dowdell | Jordan Hartnedy | Kara Doctor | Kenny Brown | Lesley Stone | Luke Eves | Martha and Tom Alford | Meg Ritzky | Mike Warrens | Mitchell Lovett | Molly Sinnett | Paige Boleski | Patrick Weisz | Rebecca Sheehan | Samuel Sadler | Stephen Sherwood | Tracy Edmiston | Will Sadler


For more information about joining Friends of the Food Bank or questions, contact Wendy Voss at or 918-936-4511