Participating firms will be listed on this webpage on May 1. If you’d like to join the competition or donate on behalf of your firm, click the corresponding button(s) below.

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Upon registration, you will be contacted by the Food Bank to confirm participation, and if your firm is interested, we will assist in arranging volunteer opportunities and food drives.
Remember, if you choose to donate funds, $1 allows us to provide 4 meals to the community as well as earn four points to your firm. If you choose to donate on a recurring basis totaling $200 or more annually, your firm will receive an extra 100 points.

With any questions, contact Anushka Raje at 918-936-4511.

Competition Update as of May 29

First Place Gable Gotwals 480 Points
Second Place Holden Litigation 395 Points
Third Place Henry + Dow Law 209 Points