Members of our Feeding Hope Society are a special group of donors who recognize the scale and scope of our efforts and are willing to help us take our mission to the next level.

Donors take a leadership role by making an ongoing financial commitment to CFBEO. Donors make a minimum donation of $1,200 each year. Payments can be made annually, quarterly, or monthly.

$1,200 annually
Provides 4,800 meals
*invitation to Annual Feeding Hope Society event
*Annual Report listing

$5,000 annually
Provides 20,000 meals
*specialized volunteer opportunities
*annual cooking class with Chef

$10,000 annually
Provides 40,000 meals
*special lunch with Executive Director

$25,000 annually
Provides 100,000 meals
* 2 tickets (annually) to Chef’s Dinner

For more information contact John Sanders at or 918-936-4543