Families Facing Hard Times Carry On: Meet Stephanie


Some families seem to endure more hardship than others, and each person handles trauma to the best of their ability. Stephanie’s husband was killed when her daughter was just four years old. Since then, she has lived with her parents while raising her daughter. The four of them live in Sperry and occasionally receive help at Skiatook’s Heaven Sent Food Pantry, a Partner Agency of the Food Bank.

Like anybody else, Stephanie’s family enjoys food. They like to sit down, have a meal, and talk about their day. “It brings all of us together.” According to her daughter, on Wednesdays they like to watch Judge Judy because she just “rats out” everybody. Stephanie isn’t quite so fond of Judge Judy.

Stephanie comes from a family of ten. Although they have seen their share of hard times, they remain resilient. “With a family so big we have to figure out how we’re going to do it. For the most part, it is a struggle day to day.”

In addition to family tragedy, Stephanie faces ongoing medical problems and frequently relies on food assistance. She qualifies for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly food stamps), but that only amounts to about four dollars per person each day. “I’m not complaining. I thank God we have it, but it’s still hard.”

Since SNAP is a supplemental food program, the help they receive from Heaven Sent is a crucial resource for Stephanie, her daughter, and her parents. “It’s been rough lately. It is hard to get help nowadays. If it wasn’t for the food pantry, we would go hungry most of the month.”

Stephanie became emotional when describing the food her family had received that day and reflected on the help offered by Food Bank’s supporters during the holidays. “Thank you. We really needed it. My family is going to be very appreciative of what you donated. God bless you.”

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