Donor Married to the Food Bank

Paul Dominy is a long-time supporter of the Food Bank and is so committed that one could say he is married to the idea.

Over the last year or so, additional commitments placed on Paul’s time limited his opportunities to volunteer. He wanted to do more and thought creatively on other ways to offer his support.

As an ordained minister who performs weddings at no cost, Paul asks each couple to consider how much they would have paid for his services and instead donate that amount to the Food Bank.

Not content to end matters there, when Paul entered the Annual Tour de Tulsa in June, he decided to sponsor himself. He based the sponsorship on two dollars a mile, plus an additional $14 if he achieved an average speed of over 14 miles per hour. The money would go to the Food Bank. His co-workers at Avis Budget Group were so enamored with the idea, several decided to back him as well.

Paul rode a total of 68.33 miles at an average speed of 15.8 MPH. As a result, Paul and his colleagues were able to provide a $1,000 donation or the equivalent of 4,000 meals to people in need.

“We all very much appreciate the great work that is done by the Food Bank and we know that our donation will be put to good use in your efforts to provide food security to hungry people throughout eastern Oklahoma.” -Paul Dominy

If you have interesting ideas for supporting the Food Bank, reach out to Regan Leake at 918-936-4551.