Can We Get That Recipe?


The pandemic has been a disaster for so many families, it has stressed our societal systems, and disrupted daily life. The Food Bank adjusted to keep pace. With the Partner Agencies in our food network who work on the ground every day, we provide access to food for eastern Oklahomans who struggle to put food on their tables. Whether a result of low-wage jobs, unexpected healthcare, car repair, or utility bills, or through crises such as floods, tornadoes, or a pandemic, the Food Bank is here to help.

In our Culinary Center the changes of food delivery and our reduced pool of volunteers has created additional challenges, but the fundamentals haven’t changed, preparing the tastiest most nutritional meals for the people who will receive them as possible. Here is a measure of their success. Recently we received a note from one of those recipients. 

“I know this is probably a weird question, but we picked up groceries at Catholic Charities a few weeks ago and they gave us a frozen meal with the Food Bank sticker on it that said, Fiesta Chicken Alfredo. Do you have the recipe for this? Everyone really liked it.” -Andrea, a Catholic Charities client

Every day, our chefs look at the available donated food on our shelves and prepare creative, delicious meals made just for our valued neighbors. Andrea sure appreciated it, and your support makes it possible.

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