Bebe’s $1 Challenge Nets Huge ROI for Food Bank


On Bebe Wright’s way to and from school near 61st and Peoria, she thinks a lot about other children who may not have as much as her family does. Recently, Bebe was chosen by her third grade teacher for their $1 Challenge at Metro Christian Academy. The challenge is the school will provide one dollar in seed money for students to, “do something good for somebody,” said Bebe. When her mom asked what she wanted to do she replied, “I want to raise money for kids who are hungry.”

So Bebe took the dollar and bought some lemons to make lemonade. In addition, she made cookies at home from ingredients they had on hand. Giving up her regular spring break activities, Bebe sold the cookies and lemonade during the day at her mother’s salon, The Beauty Shop at 14th and Peoria.

With a $650 return to go to the Food Bank from that one dollar investment, this young businessperson with a caring heart will have a bright future as a social entrepreneur.