Accounts Payable
Margaret Morhart 918-936-4541
AgencyExpress (online ordering)
Austin Brewer 918-936-4513
Agency Issues (including program, personnel changes, monitor visits, monthly reports, general questions)

Phyllis Holmes 918-936-4546
Food for Kids Program    
Cathy Elliott 918-936-4515
Mobile Pantry Scheduling    
Phyllis Holmes 918-936-4546
Orders & Pick-up Schedules    
James Hunsberger 918-936-4517
Problems with Orders    
Ron Moton 918-936-4519
Agency Capacity Building    
Austin Brewer 918-585-2800
Southern Branch (McAlester)    
Shannon Snelling 918-429-7755
Senior Servings and SNAP Outreach
Will Nole 918-936-4510