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Icy Ice Bowl

ice-bowl-2017-19Doug Duff is the organizer of the Tulsa Ice Bowl through the Tulsa Disc Golf Association. “This is our twenty-second year supporting the Food Bank. We like to promote this event because it comes right after the holidays. It’s a time when we know the Food Bank needs to replenish their shelves and allows us to remind everyone the Food Bank needs assistance throughout the year.”


ice-bowl-2017-38While the tournament is competitive, there’s also a great deal of comradery and encouragement. At the same time the golfers remember why there are there. “If you can help people out, why not help people out,” commented Corbin Capages.


Another golfer, Steffan, likes competing, but also stated he likes bringing cans of food for the Food Bank. Brian participated in the Ice Bowl for the first time this year. He’s only been playing for four months and came when a couple of friends invited him. “I’m only playing in the rain today because this is benefitting the Food Bank.”


ice-bowl-2017-9Sarah Blazek was one of the participants, and is a professional disc golfer. She and her husband Nick met while playing in a tournament and were married last November. You can tell they take the game seriously by the number of discs they bring. So many, in fact, they use a baby stroller to cart them around. Nick commented, “I like coming out, having fun and trying to throw an ace.” Sarah was succinct describing what she loves most about the tournament, “I love coming out here and beating most of the guys.”


“The event is fun and brings out a great group of participants. The golfers are passionate about their sport and we see they are just as passionate about feeding their hungry neighbors,” stated Eileen Bradshaw, the Food Bank’s executive director. “We are so grateful to everyone who participates, as this tournament benefits the Food Bank at a critical time of year.”ice-bowl-2017-48


Disc golfers from several states came out to throw discs over 36 holes Saturday and Sunday, but also to make a big impact. “There is still a need out there, and this how way we can give back,” stated Duff. “The bottom line is having a great time and raising money for the Food Bank.”

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