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Philbrook Partnership Brings in the Green

The Food Bank is pleased to announce the renewal of the collaboration with Philbrook’s Edible Garden Project. This rekindled partnership will help provide even more fresh food to the Produce Project. Last year, over 31 percent of the Food Bank’s distribution was fresh produce. This year is currently on track to shatter that record. People struggling with hunger often fill their need for calories with low-cost, high-glycemic items, such as fast food. The nutrition that fresh produce provides is required…


Sisserou’s Caribbean Restaurant Charity Day

Sisserou’s Caribbean Restaurant loves to give back to the community and is currently on board for helping the Food Bank continue to build on its work here in Tulsa, and throughout eastern Oklahoma. Sisserou’s will donate a portion of the total gross proceeds from their lunch and dinner sales on Monday, June 12th. Located in Tulsa’s Brady Arts District at the intersection of Archer and Main, Sisserou’s Restaurant concept is inspired by the colorful cuisine of the island of Dominica,…


KJRH 2 Works for You Veteran Food Drive

On June 1 you can help our Oklahoma veterans. Stop by the Riverwalk in Jenks, or the Broken Arrow Rose District, and make your donation to Food Bank programs which will benefit veterans. For more information, contact Kinsey Cranford at 918-936-4511 or

Help Us Achieve A Hunger Free Summer

Hunger Free Summer Summer Isn’t Fun When You’re Hungry, and Oklahoma is stuck at 51st in the country for summer feeding assistance. With school out of session, the free and reduced-price meals upon which so many children rely are no longer available and childhood food insecurity increases. 1 in 4 children in Oklahoma don’t always know where they will get their next meal. With increased food and utility costs, summer months add further strain for families already struggling to put…


Meet Chuck

Chuck has gone from Lafayette, Louisiana to Laredo, Texas and is now living in Tulsa. He was the Lafayette Mardi Gras parade king while in high school, owned his own bar-b-que restaurant, sang there on the weekends in a small band, and worked with his family’s ranch. Now 77, Chuck has outlived his savings and was worried about where he was going to live. He was quite fortunate to find his current living arrangements. “If I had one thing to…


Crafton Tull Has a Heart for the Hungry

Crafton Tull is a civil engineering, surveying, architecture, landscape architecture, and planning firm with more than 230 employees in Arkansas and Oklahoma. They exhibit their commitment to community involvement by offering two hours a month for employees to spend on charitable causes. Chris Cloyde is senior engineering manager, at Crafton Tull, and an intern on the Food Bank board. He notes that everyone can do something about hunger, “Whether an individual donates food or money or spends time helping out…


Best Place in the World to Volunteer – Pat Fox Saves Boxes

As a cost savings measure, the Food Bank asks schools in our Food for Kids: Backpack Program to return the shipping boxes. To help promote the program, the boxes are printed with the backpack logo. Reuse helps to save money which can be directed to provide additional food.   This is where Pat Fox, who goes by Fox, makes her appearance. One by one, she looks at each box for damage that would prevent its reuse. She takes usable boxes,…


Birthday Party Donor

Jill’s oldest son Grant recently celebrated his birthday. With the close proximity to their family’s Christmas celebration, Grant was encouraged to do something for a local charity. Instead of asking for presents to mark the occasion, Grant made the decision for the guests of his party to bring gifts of food for those in the area who are struggling with hunger. Grant was provided with some charitable options where the gifts could go. As he already decided to help others…


Best Place in the World to Volunteer – American Airlines Has a Heart for the Hungry

Judi Morrow, a Senior Analyst with Tech Ops Finance at American Airlines, volunteers at the Food Bank with American and with Kirk of the Hills church. Judi, clearly there are several groups of people at American Airlines who believe in the mission of the Food Bank, what is it that attracts your group?   Approximately 25 Tech Ops Finance team members have volunteered at the Food Bank on several occasions. Going to the Food Bank takes us away from our…


Icy Ice Bowl

Doug Duff is the organizer of the Tulsa Ice Bowl through the Tulsa Disc Golf Association. “This is our twenty-second year supporting the Food Bank. We like to promote this event because it comes right after the holidays. It’s a time when we know the Food Bank needs to replenish their shelves and allows us to remind everyone the Food Bank needs assistance throughout the year.”   While the tournament is competitive, there’s also a great deal of comradery and…