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Best Place in the World to Volunteer – American Airlines Has a Heart for the Hungry

Judi Morrow, a Senior Analyst with Tech Ops Finance at American Airlines, volunteers at the Food Bank with American and with Kirk of the Hills church.

12-15-15-american-airlinesJudi, clearly there are several groups of people at American Airlines who believe in the mission of the Food Bank, what is it that attracts your group?  

Approximately 25 Tech Ops Finance team members have volunteered at the Food Bank on several occasions. Going to the Food Bank takes us away from our usual surroundings and out of our comfort zones. We work together for a common cause which is to help the hungry in Eastern Oklahoma. As we work together to separate food items and pack them into boxes to be distributed, we think about people in our community who are hungry and in need of nourishment and know that we are helping them. Working together encourages conversations and strengthens our relationships.

Why does American feel that volunteering is important?

American fosters a corporate culture of service, where every employee is encouraged, supported and recognized for the active role they play in making their community a great place to live and work. For me, I feel that volunteering is important because it helps our community in a tangible way. I have been blessed in so many ways, and I feel that it is important to share those blessings with others who are in need.

Why the Food Bank? 

The Food Bank helps many different people: children are provided with healthy meals at school and on the week-ends. Adults and elderly are given nutritious meals. Hunger can affect anyone.

Tell us what you get out of the experience personally?

Personally, it is important to me to know that children are able to have nutritious meals at school. Eating a good breakfast and lunch will enable them to study and learn during the day. Providing food items in their backpacks to take home over the week-end is essential since some children don’t get much to eat at home.  american-airlines-4

As a community member and volunteer, what benefits do you think the Food Bank provides the community? 

The Food Bank provides food at shelters, soup kitchens, food pantries, schools and senior citizen centers. The food benefits all age groups in many locations throughout Eastern Oklahoma. By supplying this food, the Food Bank sends a message of love and concern which translates to hope for the individuals who receive the food.

Why should other businesses volunteer their time at the Food Bank?

Like our group has at American, it’s a great way to build teamwork and comradery while making a difference for so many people. It’s easy to find a project to get involved with, and you know you’ve made a difference with the time you have to give.

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