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Best Place in the World to Volunteer – Pat Fox Saves Boxes : February 25, 2017

As a cost savings measure, the Food Bank asks schools in our Food for Kids: Backpack Program to return the shipping boxes. To help promote the program, the boxes are printed with the backpack logo. Reuse helps to save money which can be directed to provide additional food.   This is where Pat Fox, who goes by Fox, makes her appearance. One by one, she looks at each box for damage that would prevent its reuse. She takes usable boxes,…


Birthday Party Donor : February 25, 2017

Jill’s oldest son Grant recently celebrated his birthday. With the close proximity to their family’s Christmas celebration, Grant was encouraged to do something for a local charity. Instead of asking for presents to mark the occasion, Grant made the decision for the guests of his party to bring gifts of food for those in the area who are struggling with hunger. Grant was provided with some charitable options where the gifts could go. As he already decided to help others…