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Best Place in the World to Volunteer – American Airlines Has a Heart for the Hungry : January 25, 2017

Judi Morrow, a Senior Analyst with Tech Ops Finance at American Airlines, volunteers at the Food Bank with American and with Kirk of the Hills church. Judi, clearly there are several groups of people at American Airlines who believe in the mission of the Food Bank, what is it that attracts your group?   Approximately 25 Tech Ops Finance team members have volunteered at the Food Bank on several occasions. Going to the Food Bank takes us away from our…


Icy Ice Bowl : January 24, 2017

Doug Duff is the organizer of the Tulsa Ice Bowl through the Tulsa Disc Golf Association. “This is our twenty-second year supporting the Food Bank. We like to promote this event because it comes right after the holidays. It’s a time when we know the Food Bank needs to replenish their shelves and allows us to remind everyone the Food Bank needs assistance throughout the year.”   While the tournament is competitive, there’s also a great deal of comradery and…